Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This has been a very dull blog, but I've got something worth reporting right now. A few months ago I discovered with certainty that I've been suffering from a serious bacterial infection for 47 years, maybe more. I've found effective ways to treat it since about 1983, but don't dare slip or it will get worse. Before 1984 it was bad, so much so that it's useless trying to explain what torment it put me through. The worst of it was not being able to go to an MD for answers. They were clearly not permitted to address these symptoms, so there was a BIG lie on some level.So, there are many of us but who, why, where...  But my wife fared much worse. She also had a mystery disease caught in the late 50s or early 60s that led to a complete mental and physical breakdown in 1996. We also had three children who had very serious symptoms at birth and all of them have been destroyed. They either weren't as strong as me or didn't take good advice. 

YES, turns out we all have the same thing. Not from testing, not primarily from matching symptoms, but primarily from studying how the MDs have consistently lied for decades and in some cases committed illegal acts by mishandling records, the only thing that it can be narrowed down to is chronic Lyme disease. In the last few months I've written a book because I want everyone on the planet to know what the bstrds have done to us. My major and most chronic symptom has been severe sinusitis. You'd think it would be easy to get imaging and a biopsy for that. Not. The first time I went in begging for diagnostics, they locked me up for a week, insisting that I was bipolar and refusing any diagnostics. Even at Mayo, they refused to do a biopsy, fumbled the MRI and ignored the CAT scan, again trying to pry me into using psychoactives. After observing what the wife and three children went through, it's clear to me that most of these mental disorders are fabricated and most people who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or personality disorder are suffering from something else. Indeed, since MDs are clearly strongly discouraged from doing real diagnostics on people with symptoms of Lyme, there is no doubt that the motive is the fat commissions received from psychoactives. 

There's lots more I want to to say, but that's why I wrote the book. To hear more about the book and about fraud in the CDC and medical industry, please visit http://foosresearch.com


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